Implant Restoration in San Diego, CA

Dental Implants Can Brighten Your Smile

Losing natural teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. You don't have to be. Dental implants can restore your smile. As a general rule, dental implants rarely need replacing, but if you need a different sort of dental implant restoration, Dr. Rachelle T. Flores, D.M.D., can help.

The Two Kinds of Dental Implant Restoration

There are two kinds of dental implant restoration procedures. Each has its own purpose, but the primary goal is to make you feel good about smiling again.

Restoration of your smile using implants is the most common use of this procedure. Surgery prepares the bone in your jaw to insert the abutment screw. The abutment screw holds the crown, or fake tooth, in place. Your mouth has to be fitted for the implant(s) and then the fake crown is made for each implant placed. You end up looking like you have a full mouth of teeth, even when one or more teeth have been replaced with implants.

Restoration of your smile after an implant has been damaged is a less common procedure. This is due to the fact that implants are very durable and sturdy and generally last a very long time. However, things like a car accident or major repeated blows to the lower face can cause an implant to be dislodged or pop out if the jawbone breaks. Emergency surgery to restore the jaw, as well as the implant, are necessary.

Why Dental Implants Take Two Weeks or More to Complete

Dr. Flores will explain to you that first the jawbone has to be exposed and then a hole has to be made to accept the abutment screw. If the bone is too small or narrow, a bone graft has to make the bone thicker and denser. The grafting process takes a few weeks by itself. If you don't need a graft, the abutment screw is inserted and secured. The gum tissue is stitched around the head of the screw. Then those areas have to heal.

While your initial surgical sites are healing, Dr. Flores creates the crowns that will fit on top of the abutment screws. It takes time to make these, but the time needed for your mouth to heal is usually sufficient. Then you come in for a second appointment to have the crowns placed and secured. All told it can take anywhere from two to ten weeks for the whole process.

Ready to Restore Your Smile With Dental Implant Restoration?

If you are ready to restore your smile and you want to talk to Dr. Flores about dental implants, call our office in San Diego, CA today.