Veneers in La Mesa, CA

Veneers Help You Get a Glowing White Smile

When your smile leaves you feeling as though you lack something in your appearance, it may be time to consider veneers. Veneers adhere to the front sides of every tooth in your mouth and can transform your smile. They make your smile look perfect, with no chipped or misshapen teeth, no discoloration, and no unevenness. Your smile ends up looking perfect.

How Are Veneers Attached?

One of the most common questions Dr. Flores hears is in regards to how these cosmetic dentistry items are applied. It isn't like fake fingernails where you can stick them on and peel them off. Dental veneers are much more permanent.

If acrylic veneer is used, a chemical is applied to the teeth that makes them a little rough. This is necessary to make the dental resin adhere to the tooth and stick the veneer in place on that tooth. The process is repeated for every tooth that receives a veneer.

If porcelain is the main material used for a veneer procedure, then you may receive a local anesthetic first. Dr. Flores then lightly grinds the front of each tooth to create light grooves. The grooves receive the dental resin, and the resin makes the porcelain veneer stick in place.

Regardless of the type of material used, each veneer is then lightly ground and shaped to look like a natural tooth. You have to be careful with any dental veneer as you can damage them easily and/or cause them to break off your natural teeth. If you are looking for "veneers near me," and you live in the La Mesa area, Dr. Flores is the dentist to see.

Veneers Near Me in La Mesa

Beautiful and visually stunning teeth can be yours. Finding "veneers near me" is as simple as calling Dr. Flores at her cosmetic and family dental clinic. Discuss with her how many of your teeth you would like to cover with a veneer. She can tell you what it will cost per tooth or what it costs for half your mouth.

Schedule a Consultation for Veneer Procedures Today

It's important to go over your intentions regarding cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Flores in La Mesa, CA. You can do that on your first visit. Dr. Flores will evaluate your teeth to see if this is the right choice for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!