Bridges in La Mesa, CA

Dental Bridges Near Me in La Mesa

Tooth loss can create a variety of issues that impact more than just the jaw. The inability to speak properly is a known symptom of tooth loss. This can cause slurring or the mispronunciation of words. Dental bridges are designed to replace missing teeth so that chewing and speaking become completely natural again.

The Link Between Dental Bridges and Clear Speech

Tooth loss is a common problem that can happen at any age. Regardless of if there are multiple teeth missing or just one, this can negatively affect the jawbone.

A reduction in bone density combined with the loss of gum tissue frequently causes speech impairment. When the tongue touches the teeth, this will inhibit certain sounds from being made. A bridge will help this process by replacing the tooth with two crowns on either side of the gap. Rachelle T. Flores DMD uses natural-looking artificial teeth for this procedure.

Vowels may be able to be pronounced with little use from the teeth, but consonants are particularly difficult. The “TH” sound, as well as the “V” and “F” sound, require teeth to accurately complete the sound.

Individuals having trouble with speaking due to one or more missing teeth can feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Since one missing tooth is likely to lead to more, speech is often negatively impacted over time. Preventing future tooth loss with a bridge can reduce the amount of dental care needed in the future.

Types of Dental Bridges Near Me

We provide two types of bridges for patients in need of tooth replacement. A fixed bridge and an implant bridge, both of which can remedy speech problems.

A fixed bridge is also known as a traditional bridge. This is a common option that is made from porcelain or ceramics. There are at least two crowns and a filler tooth. Teeth are all connected for secure positioning. Bridges are custom-made by Dr. Flores to fit properly.

Implant bridges are designed for patients who have lost more than one tooth. These are secured to dental implants that can prevent future tooth loss. Like traditional bridges, these are customized by Dr. Flores to fit your mouth.

Quality Dental Bridges Near Me

When searching for dental bridges near me, consider the long-term effects of dental work. Dr. Flores is trained to provide natural-looking teeth that are fully functional for both chewing and speaking. By combining cosmetic care with professional dental services, fixed and implant bridges will restore your smile. Call us to set up an appointment with Dr. Flores to discuss if dental bridges are right for you.